1. Abilis Project

Improving Gender Equality of BVI Women

Blind Women Association-Nepal (BWAN) has executed a one-year project entitled “Improving Gender Equality of Blind and Visually Impaired (BVI) Women” under the financial support of Abilis Foundation, Finland. The project consists of five major activities which aim to empower BVI Women through various types of training.

Under this project, three activities related to gender equality training for BVI took place in three different places i.e. Bardiya, Kaski, and Jhapa. Personality development training was conducted in Gorkha. In Kathmandu, both organizational management training and strategy development training were organized. Altogether, twenty five BVI spouses from gender equality training, fifteen BVI girls/women from personality development training, twenty two BVI women from organizational development training, and fourteen BVI women including staffs from strategy development training were all benefitted. The five diverse and fully immersive trainings have empowered BVI women and have brought more gender equality in both their domestic and social lives.

     2. Institute of Open Society Foundation 

Project on Fostering Access to Justice against Violence of Women with Disabilities

BWAN has been executing two years project (2017-18) entitled “Fostering Access to Justice against Violence on Women with Disabilities” under the support of alliance for social dialogue funded by open society. Through this project, BWAN has provided legal aid service to the Women with Disabilities (WWDs) who suffer from violence and counseling service to the WWDs. Our program has organized the capacity building training to promote their knowledge of legal rights on both national and international levels. Meanwhile, we have also reviewed the existing policies related to violence in line with United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD) and the constitution of Nepal. The project aims to enhance WWDs’ access to justice which is also supported by aligned constitutions Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) and UNCRPD.

      3. TEWA Project

Strengthening Organizational Project 

BWAN has been implementing the “Organizational Strengthening” project with the support of Tewa (The local donor organization led by women). The project includes the leadership training for BVI women in Kathmandu, the legal literacy training for BVI women in Gulmi, and workshops on finalizing bye-laws related to the organization as well as vision-mission of BWAN. It is expected that this project will be helpful for enhancing the efficiency of internal organizational management and for building the confidence of BVI women.