Our Major Programs

Our Activities:

1. Sensitization Program

Our organization has been conducting sensitization programs that include giving and delivering legal literacy classes to raise the blind and visually impaired (BVI) women’s awarenesses of law, human rights, and politics. Thus, BVI women can become more aware of their basic rights and available social protections. Ideally, discrimination against BVI women would be reduced. Different districts are selected considering the prevalence of the blind women in the concerned area. Rural blind women who are deprived of education and employment are the major targets of this program. The main goal of this program is to encourage BVI women to come out from their home to the community and participate equally in social activities. The collaborative group effort is necessary to combat the prevailing problems in the society and to fight for human rights of BVI women.

2. Capacity Building Training

Various types of training help to enhance the capability of any individual. BWAN provides different types of training related to capacity building such as organizational development training, leadership training, gender facilitation training which all enable BVI women to speak for their own rights. Our organization also sends the participants to other organizations to take part in a series of training. Such types of training empower BVI women with their meaningful transitions in the society and their abilities to make personal decisions. Therefore, they can make their own plans and actions to obtain women’s rights.

3. Fund Raising Activities

Our association has been organizing different cultural programs on different occasions to seek and collect financial resources and opportunities for BVI women. The programs help to raise the social awareness of the potentialities and well-roundedness of BVI people. In such programs, some BVI artist can have a chance to perform their talents from which they can earn extra money. Our organization can also use the money to strengthen and improve the spectrums and qualities of such activities.

4.  Educational Activities

Our organization provides scholarships to marginalized female students. To successfully launch the educational activities, BWAN has already established a fund under the name of late Kamala Shrestha, the first president of this group. A large number of people have contributed to increasing the fund. Actively using the fund, BWAN has been able to provide monthly scholarships to the marginalized female students whose tuition fees are not covered and funded by governments. Not only this, every 2 years, we select and award some top BVI women employers who work hard for the benefit of this section.

Moreover, BWAN is operating women hostels where more than 300 college students have already enjoyed the facilities. Furthermore, our association does collaboration and coordination to provide additional scholarships to blind girls in need of money especially for their higher education.

5. Promoting Access to Justice

Our association performs advocacies for the equal rights of BVI girls and women and women with disabilities (WWDs) in every aspect of their lives. To ensure their rights, BWAN always raises voice for promoting rights such as property rights, reproductive rights, and employment rights, reducing discriminations and all kinds of violence against WWDs.  To achieve this, we have been working attentively and collaboratively to modify and improve the discriminatory policies, laws, and legislation. We also provide assistance and legal and moral support to disabled victims of violence